June 24th, 2021

Here’s How Project Completion is Defined in Arizona

Defining project completion might sound simple, however, in Arizona, you have a limited amount of time after project completion before their lien filing deadline approaches. So for contractors, it’s important to find out when project completion officially occurred when filing a mechanics lien. If you happen to miss this short window, you could lose your […]

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June 17th, 2021

What is an Arizona Stop Notice?

What is an Arizona Stop Notice? Did you know that mechanic’s liens aren’t the only method to solve your non-payment problem? We’ve partnered with Udall Shumway to bring you everything you need to know about Arizona Stop Notices. Let’s uncover some commonly asked questions. How does a stop notice work?  It’s pretty straightforward, if a […]

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May 18th, 2021

Common Mechanic’s Lien Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

When it comes to filing your Mechanic’s Lien, it’s important to go through the process with little to no hiccups for all parties involved. Not only for the sake of meeting deadlines but also because those who review the documents are going through it with a fine-tooth comb, diligently looking for any mistakes you’ve made […]

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May 13th, 2021

How Mechanic’s Liens Work in California

As a contractor, it’s important to be educated on the lien laws in your state to ensure that your lien rights are protected and that you are getting paid for your work. It’s especially important when you run into a situation where you aren’t getting paid on a project and have to take it to […]

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April 26th, 2021

Legal Property Descriptions: A Quick Guide for Arizona Contractors

A Quick Guide to Legal Property Descriptions for Arizona Contractors Currently, only 11 states require Legal Property Descriptions (per A.R.S. Sec. 33-993) and Arizona happens to be one of them. This means contractors have to include the Legal Property Address of the project site when they file a lien. If a contractor neglects to include this, it […]

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April 19th, 2021

Questions You Should Ask When looking For A Lien Service Provider

You have so many options when it comes to selecting the right lien service provider. So it’s critical to do your research and properly think through each of your options. Because of the complexity of each lien document, it’s a decision you should not take lightly. Here are some things to consider that will help […]

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March 23rd, 2021

How Sending Prelims Can Improve Cash Flow

Every contractor knows that cash flow is an essential part of a construction business. However, the downside is that but it can be a challenge to keep up with as project payments can move at a slow pace. You have to take care of your workers and suppliers. Paying them ASAP is critical, however, it […]

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March 19th, 2021

Everything You Should Know About Lien Waivers

Everyone on a construction project benefits from lien waivers as they are an important tool in the construction payment process. Lien waivers are the release of lien rights up to a predetermined dollar amount. This is usually done once payment has been received by the contractor, sub or supplier. No one wants to deal with […]

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February 26th, 2021

Loss Analysis Of NOT Sending A Prelien

At the end of the day, filing a lien is a  great way for contractors to protect their rights. However, many don’t realize how crucial it is in states where it’s required. If a situation arises where you need to move forward with a mechanics lien, making this first deadline is critical and doesn’t cost […]

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February 23rd, 2021

Should You Send a Preliminary Notice On Every Project?

In short, yes! There are so many benefits to subcontractors who send preliminary notices (preliens) on every project. However, because of negative associations that come with preliens, many become hesitant and don’t send a prelien as part of their business process. As a result, they’re missing out as everyone can benefit from a prelien. Advantages of […]

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