You have so many options when it comes to selecting the right lien service provider. So it’s critical to do your research and properly think through each of your options. Because of the complexity of each lien document, it’s a decision you should not take lightly. Here are some things to consider that will help get you on the right track. 

How is their attention to detail?

When it comes to lien documents, attention to detail is an absolute necessity as there is so much information. When you are starting your search for potential lien service providers, pay attention to their level of care about the little details. See if they can properly outline each step of the lien process clearly so you know exactly what to expect. 

Is their process simple or complicated?

Protecting your work and lien rights should be straightforward, so if their process is hard to understand, take that as a red flag. Get to know their process and make sure it’s simple and easy to follow.

What are their response times like?

In the world of construction, timing is everything, so you need to make sure that your lien service provider will give you quick and accurate responses. Take a look at each companies customer reviews and make sure this is a highlighted benefit that is mentioned. 

What kind of educational resources can they provide?

Education about your lien rights is crucial as a contractor. If they offer blog posts, seminars, guides, or anything that will help you learn more about your lien rights, that’s a good sign. Check out their website and see if they regularly update resources that will help you answer questions that you might have.

What can they teach you about lien law?

Bottom line, lien service providers can’t give you legal advice. But they can educate you on the laws of your state! If they have added legal educational options, that’s a huge plus to look out for.

Are they connected to any lawyers?

A strong network of credible sources can work wonders for you and your business. Ask every potential provider who their legal connections are. You never know when legal action might have to be taken, and it’s a good thing to have in your back topic.

Do they track the right deadlines?

From the start date of a project, to when a prelien was mailed, all the way to the close of a project there are many details worth keeping track of in order to help you stay organized in the lien documentation process. Make sure you know which details are being tracked by your lien service provider, the more detailed the better.


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