Every company needs a refresh at some point to streamline their offering and improve the service provided to their customers. Titan Lien Services strives to create the best customer experience possible, and our new and upgraded customer portal has some excellent features that you will fall in love with. From streamlining searches to being more user-friendly, you will find everything you need in our new portal. 

What did we add to the portal to make it better than ever? Take a look at some of these features to see how our upgrades might benefit you. 


New Search Feature 

One of the best new features of the customer portal update is the introduction of a new search function with advanced filtering capabilities. It allows you to find the information you need quickly, saving valuable time. After all, the old adage is that time is money, and now you can save more of both. 

Not to mention, the new interface is extremely intuitive and user-friendly. You should be able to navigate all of your existing projects with ease. This means that you will spend less time searching and more time actually doing the work that keeps the lights on. 

This new feature has several advanced filters that you can set in the “advanced search” mode. To name a few, you can now search by looking for: 

  • Customer or job name
  • General contractor or sub-contractor
  • Owner
  • Lender
  • Job reference number
  • Job ID range

Another great feature is the ability to do an audit based on the date range for submitted pre-liens. During the dates selected, you will see a list of all the pre-liens submitted for that time period. It gives you a rich resource to see how you are doing in a quick snapshot, allowing you to then filter data by date, status, and more. 

Once you have the data where you want it, you can also download it into an Excel spreadsheet, allowing you to manipulate the numbers however you want to or need to. 


Streamline Communication and Organization

Is there anything worse than having to spend precious time digging through the endless minutiae and paperwork just to find the one document that you need? Titan’s new customer portal allows you access to clear documentation for everything all in one central location. You can access every aspect liens and pre-liens related to a project: communication, updates, and files. 

The best part is that everything is in one convenient location – no need to dig through your email inbox or search all over your computer. 

From the portal, you also can access a lien request link instead of having to call our office. Our new customer portal allows you to request liens, request amendments, draw waivers, and create a full letter of intent without ever having to leave your computer.  

The result is that you can save time and headache when it comes to searching for the documents or taking the next actions you need to manage your liens smoothly. 


Cash Flow Solutions with Billd

Waiting for project payments can put significant strain on your cash flow, so we partnered with Billd to make your working capital more accessible than ever before. Billd is the premier provider of financial solutions, uniquely tailored to the specific industry needs of commercial subcontractors. 

What can you do with Billd on your side? 

  • Secure need-it-now funds: When you need money for materials and labor, Billd is here to help. They offer extended terms on materials for up to 120 days and up to 100% advances on approved pay apps (minus a small purchase fee). 
  • Project-based lines of credit: Increase access to capital without compromising other financial resources with new project-based lines of credit. 
  • Consultations: You can meet with Billd’s knowledgeable team of construction industry experts to strategize how to maximize your value from Billd.

The benefit of all these perks is that you can minimize cash flow constraints while planning for the current and future needs of your business.

The best part is that Billd solutions are easily accessible directly from your customer portal. Click on the button that says “Improve Your Cash Flow Today!” at the top of your screen to be connected with a Billd representative. From there, you can submit a commitment-free application and upload all requests without ever leaving your account. 

Manage Your Lien Rights with Ease

Keeping your business safe should be easy, and Titan’s new customer portal makes it easier than ever to protect your rights by streamlining the process to ensure that you get paid for your time and expertise. From pre-liens to mechanics liens, Titan does the heavy lifting so that you can get to work faster, knowing you will get paid.

If you are ready to start streamlining your business with an easy to use and intuitive customer portal, reach out to Titan today to learn more about how we can help your business get to work!

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